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At Duckman Academy Salesforce Training, our courses stand as the foundation of our academic offerings, providing comprehensive learning experiences.

You have the flexibility to opt for a single course, whether it's to acquire a new skill, delve into a passion.

Enrollment at our Salesforce Training Center is open to all without the need for an application. Regardless of your objectives, our courses strike a harmonious balance between academic excellence, flexibility, and value

Interview Guidance

Guaranteed Salesforce Certification*

Flexible course formats to fit your life

Job Ready

Scenerio Based Project

One To One Doubt Session

Various courses available throughout the year

We acknowledge the importance of flexible attendance options to help you manage the demands of career and other life commitments effectively.

Salesforce Admin

Days (30) and hours (60)

Salesforce Developer

Days (30) and hours (60)

Salesforce Admin + Developer

Days (45) and hours (90)

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Days(30) and hours(60)

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Course Tuition Rates

Courses Price
Salesforce Admin ₹20,000
Salesforce Developer ₹20,000
Salesforce Admin + Developer ₹50,000
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin ₹25,000
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer ₹15,000
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Admin + Developer ₹60,000

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What Sets Duckman Academey Apart?

We believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals. Our curriculum is designed to go beyond traditional academics, encompassing personal development, critical thinking, and practical skills

Duckman Academy is dedicated to providing education that aligns with the current needs of various industries. Our curriculum is continuously updated to reflect the latest trends and technologies

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