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If you want to jump-start your career or change fields, Salesforce provides ample opportunities for everyone. We will train you so you can unlock your potential and take advantage of Salesforce’s opportunities.

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Duckman Academy brings you high-impact Salesforce courses that are not just about teaching fundamentals but will make you ready to excel in a dynamic technological landscape. Each course offered by Duckman Academy is designed in a manner that will assist you in developing skills that will be necessary in unlocking the full potential of Salesforce and the opportunities it provides.

Our Salesforce Administrator course is designed to provide a solid foundation, as it covers all the required functionalities and configurations. It will allow you to learn how to manage users, data, and security while training you to customize applications to meet different and specific business requirements. This course is ideal for individuals who aspire to get into administrative roles with confidence and accredited credentials.

Duckman Academy offers a Salesforce Marketing Cloud course for individuals interested in digital marketing. This course is designed to help you develop and improve your skills in customer journey management, targeted communications, and campaign analytics. This course is a huge opportunity for all the markets out there and will teach you to deliver effective digital marketing strategies that align with different business goals.

Duckman Academy also brings you a comprehensive developer training course. This course will bring you development tools like Apex, Visualforce, and the Lightning Component Framework, which will train you to develop custom integrations and applications directly on the Salesforce platform. 

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Salesforce Admin Training

If you are looking to become an expert in managing and configuring the Salesforce environment, then our Salesforce Administration Certification course will be the right fit for you. This comprehensive program covers all of the functionalities required to effectively manage any Salesforce system, including user setup, data security, and customization. This certification course is ideal for all aspiring admins as well as CRM professionals. This course will equip you with critical skills and ensure you are 100 percent prepared to be a Salesforce administrator.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training

If you want to step into the role of a digital marketing professional, then our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certification will be a perfect start for you. This course will introduce you to the full potential of the marketing tools of Salesforce and equip you with the abilities to create strategic campaigns and manage customer journeys. You will also learn to integrate data and analyze campaign effectiveness, which will allow you to deliver optimal marketing solutions. This course is suitable for marketers and campaign managers. Rest assured, this certification will allow you to access a plethora of opportunities offered by Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Salesforce developer Training

If you are looking to advance your career, then join our Salesforce Developer Training course. This course will ensure that you become well-versed in the Salesforce development environment while training you to code in Apex, design with visual force, and create applications using Lightning Components. This course is a good fit for developers who want to broaden their scope, along with Salesforce professionals who want to gain and develop new technical skills. The completion of the course will ensure that you are well prepared for developer roles and have the capability of customizing Salesforce applications in order to meet business needs.

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Our instructors do not just possess theoretical knowledge but have many years of experience in the Salesforce ecosystem and will guide you on each step to allow you to bridge the gap between theory and practical application.

Your journey at Duckman Academy will transform you into a Salesforce expert, not just with certifications but with complete know-how that will allow you to grow and excel in the Salesforce ecosystem.

If you are new to Salesforce Platform or are currently present in Salesforce ecosystem and wat to deepen your programming knowledge and want to earn a developer certification then you have reached the right place.

This course is perfect for experienced developers new to the Salesforce platform, as well as current a Salesforce professionals aiming to deepen their programming knowledge and earn a Developer certification.

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